Stéphane Richard should keep the presidency of Orange

by bold-lichterman

After a week of little more or less murderous sentences, the fate of Stephane Richard seems to be sealed and not in the sense that some would have liked. Starting with Arnaud Montebourg, who would have been reframed by the Elysee, after telling the World that it would be difficult for Stéphane Richard to stay in the event of an indictment. Declaration denied the same evening by the person concerned. The World maintains …

For his part, the general rapporteur of the budget to the National Assembly, Christian Eckert also asked for the head of the person concerned “My opinion is that he should not remain at the head of Orange”

But the almost unanimous voice of employees, supporting their boss, was undoubtedly heard at the Elysee Palace. All those contacted by the editorial staff do not fail to underline the qualities of a boss, who calmed the company and knew how to get it going again, in a difficult competitive context. Thus, on June 5, Stéphane Richard brought together 1,200 executives for a seminar, during which he gave a brief update on his situation. His intervention was then greeted by sustained applause. For their part, the unions have also expressed their support with the exception of the CGT, and SUD for whom “there is no place for sacred union in the company”.

More measure than his office neighbor, at Fleur Pellerin, Minister responsible for the digital economy, who although denouncing “a system set up by the previous power”, reminds at the beginning of the week that “What prevails before everything is the Orange company, the 170,000 employees. »Opinion shared by Pierre Moscovici, Minister of the Economy, who insists that the state’s decision will be solely in the interest of the operator.

According to Le Monde, the balance would have tipped in this direction at the Elysee Palace, where the decision was arbitrated, for lack of a candidate who could have immediately taken over. Something postponed no doubt until later, the time to stall a succession which could not suffer from a bad casting. Note that Stéphane Richard’s mandate ends in just one year, in June 2014.

Photo credit: © François Maréchal for Orange