STEP Journal, the private diary 2.0

by bold-lichterman

STEP Journal is a Korean personalized private journal app that records your daily activities. Developed by the start-up We Planet, it is one of the winners of the K-APP Gobal Business Project organized on the occasion of Korea’s beLAUNCH 2013 Startup Battle.

The application allows you to record an activity, to indicate the people met or the places visited by simply clicking on pre-recorded icons rather than entering text. Available on ios and soon on Android, it then synthesizes the data compiled on a dashboard and provides detailed statistics (frequency of activity, etc.)

Social options allow you to share your activities with your contacts and provide an extensive working basis for We Planet which provides for the upcoming addition of new features. The use of individual statistics should thus be reinforced with the publication of recommendations by the application (doing more physical activity, spending time with so and so, etc.). The social dimension could be used by STEP Journal to suggest places and activities based on the publications of other users.

STEP Journal