State of the art of digital in Southeast Asia

by bold-lichterman

There are almost as many people connected to the Internet (339 million) as active social media users (305 million) in Southeast Asia, according to data from Hootsuit and We Are Social, reported by Tech In Asia. With just over half (53%) of the population using the Internet in the region, up more than 30% in one year, the development potential for tech companies is enormous.

In total, more than 850 million mobile subscriptions have been recorded in the area. This is more than the number of inhabitants of the eleven countries covered by the study (Burma, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, East Timor and Vietnam). Logically, users of social networks, (very) equipped with mobile phones, are increasingly using their smartphones (+ 36% in one year).


Strong disparities between countries

However, strong disparities persist between the different countries of Southeast Asia, as the authors of the study point out. In terms of Internet penetration first, the rates range from 86% in Brunei and 82% in Singapore, to 26% in Burma or Laos. Unsurprisingly, social networks are used the most in areas with the highest Internet coverage.

Another observation is that the mobile penetration rate varies depending on the country. In the vast majority of cases (9 out of 11 countries), there are more active mobile subscriptions than inhabitants. Only Burma and Laos are exceptions, with mobile penetration rates of 93% and 85% respectively. Note that it is in Cambodia that there are the most subscriptions per inhabitant (with a rate of 173%), followed by Singapore, where the mobile penetration rate is 147%.


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