[Startups] Tweet story in Tel Aviv with 50Partners

by bold-lichterman

After Sao Paulo, Shanghai, New York, Moscow and Berlin, it is in Israel that the group of entrepreneurs led by 50 Partners, decides to land. Beyond the beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv, the 16 entrepreneurs, investors and mentors will discover the ecosystem, trends and energy of local entrepreneurs.

Sunday October 6

Tweetstory Oct 6

Zack Weisfeld, Senior Director of Microsoft Ventures, receives us in his offices, located in Herzliya, north of Tel Aviv, a real technological center bringing together many startups and corporations. He manages Microsoft Ventures Accelerator,both an accelerator and an investment fund. Its mission is to promote Microsoft to young entrepreneurs. The fund targets 25 annual seed investments (from 50 to 250Keuros) whether or not using a Microsoft tool. Several Microsoft accelerators are being created all over the world to support more than 200 startups per year.

Michal Gilon-YanaiMichal Gilon-Yanai created the Media Innovations Lab (miLAB) at IDC University drawing inspiration from the Michigan Institute of Technology (MIT) to facilitate research and prototyping as part of a

MBA. ” The Lab is where we create the future of technology“. The content of the global MBA program is based on the Lean Startup methodology with two main axes: “product innovation” and “venture innovation”. Michal expects around 20 students in the Global MBA program this year and is planning study trips to New York and Boston. The university / business rapprochement largely contributes to local entrepreneurial dynamism.

WikiBrain - YossidanAfterwork with Yossi Dan (co-founder of Lab and Associate Director of Founder Institute in Tel Aviv), Jishai Evers (WikiBrains), Oded Volovitz (CallApp) and Evar Savir (SeatID)

Yossi Dan is a serial web entrepreneur living in Tel Aviv for over 20 years. He is notably Associate Director of the Founder Institute in Israel.

He presents us 3 promising startups:

WikiBrains is a collaborative knowledge platform for students, defined as “open brainstorming”. The goal is to help students find, organize, and search for information on the internet to create a mind map and collaborate on a topic. WikiBrains has just finalized a $ 750k funding round.

CallApp is a Social Dialer & Global Caller ID app. This allows, when receiving (or making) a call, to instantly view all the public information available online (photo, Linkedin profile, tweets, address, etc.). This contextualized search engine makes it possible to consider many uses in both B2C and B2B.

SeatID is a reservation platform (planes, trains, events, hotels) based on its social network. Its users can choose a hotel or a seat on an airplane based on the profiles of the people there. The service has already been adopted by several transport companies

Monday October 7

Token Ads

Chaya Soggot threw TokenAds three years ago and now has 30 employees. TokenAds is a sponsored payment system for games that provides access to premium content, virtual currency, and other paid services through sponsors / advertisements. Reflecting the attractiveness of Tel Aviv, half of TokenAds employees are not Israelis, but come from all over the world, allowing the startup to rapidly develop internationally by offering adapted and personalized local solutions.

BizuAppOdelia lahajani of Bizuapp explains how it helps startups to accelerate. His consulting firm participates at all levels of strategy and decisions. She works with MauDau, Gaming VC, and Techfinancial in particular. If the environment is conducive to the emergence of startups, they still need support and advice, which they can also easily find from successful Israeli entrepreneurs who have already achieved a great exit (sale / IPO ..) and which now energize the local ecosystem.

Karen gordon

Karen gordon, Head of New Technologies and Innovation, of UbiFrance, is responsible for helping French entrepreneurs in Israel by putting them in contact with key men there.

Each year the structure supports more than 120 French companies to develop in the region


Martin weber of StarTau (the entrepreneurship center at Tel Aviv University) welcomes us to the campus for a pitch session of 6 startups from the program:

    • Concealium : cloud data protection solution
    • Leaderz : social platform for NGOs and public structures
    • Footware : virtual shoe fitting solution
    • VideoStir : solution allowing to include animation videos on any website
    • Fusepoint : vehicle data collection device in conjunction with partner garages
    • Xyrosoft : data management solution

MaudauMeeting with Tomer Ben Ezra, founder and CEO of Maudau, a cross-promotion and click-exchange solution for social gaming (Facebook, VK, and Mobile). Composed of about fifteen employees, Maudau reflects the high concentration of startups dedicated to gaming in Tel Aviv.

GvahimGvahim is an association created in 2006 by the Rashi Foundation and Israeli investors whose mission is to bring and facilitate the establishment of foreign entrepreneurs in Israel both professionally and socially. Gvahim offers an incubation structure to around ten startups per year by offering them training workshops, individual support and access to a network of professionals.


Among the incubator’s projects: Costocking (storage space reservation platform in Paris, also located in Paris) and Tagbysocial (in-store social shopping solution)


Meeting with the team of The Elevator, Tel Aviv incubator / accelerator which hosts 2 promotions of 10 startups per year, specializing among other things in Fin-tech and Cyber-security.

International is at the heart of the program, with startups having to quickly seek their market outside Israel, via The Elevator they have the opportunity to go to New York or Berlin in the last month.


Meeting with Jeremiah Berrebi, the most active investor in the world (number two on Angel List) with two deals per week (and sometimes more). Experienced and successful entrepreneur, he created in 2010 with Xavier Niel Kima Ventures. A ” Kima is a kind of spider, which predisposes this fund to invest on the Web and to weave its own internationally. To keep up with this rhythm, Jérémie explains that there is no room for “maybe”, in a few days it’s either yes or no, with validation of Xavier Niel.

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