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by bold-lichterman

Are you a tech entrepreneur? Do you want to create or grow your startup? The Startups Guide is for you. If you’ve just found out, that’s okay too. This new 2018 edition is only its 22nd. Created in 2006, the Startups Guide is still the most comprehensive source of information for entrepreneurs. And it’s free without you being the product.

The book is imposing with its 506 pages but they are not necessarily read sequentially. You will consult them according to your needs. You will find there both the great basics of start-up creation in its first part and a fairly complete description of the various players in the private and public ecosystem who can support and finance you. I would like to point out once again that this Guide is not a startup directory but a user manual for startups and more broadly, for many entrepreneurs.

Where to find this 2018 edition?

As usual, by downloading it by clicking on this link, on the cover below or on the button below:

Download the 2018 Startups Guide

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This will trigger the download automatically in your web browser, including mobile. Still no email requested and no database created! In short, the zero degree of online marketing. Your anonymity is completely preserved, at least on my site.

You will be able to admire the new cover of the Guide, illustrating this imposing monument of the French and Parisian entrepreneurial ecosystem that is Station F, inaugurated at the end of June 2017.

This Guide is always free, without advertising, without sponsorship or public subsidies, which ensures its editorial independence even if it nevertheless respects the conveniences.

It still brings together the contributions of more than fifty contributors and reviewers who work in many specialties (financing, international, legal, product, etc.) and also entrepreneurs. Some contributed a long time ago to the Guide and I have kept their texts because they are still relevant today. Others have been updated to reflect the entrepreneurial spirit of the times.

What does this 22nd edition contain?

This 22e Edition of the Startups Guide contains a large number of updates throughout the text. As with every new edition, no page has escaped the test of proofreading.

Some more visible changes include:

  • A layout slightly more airy and embellished with intertitles, which explains a small part of the increase in pagination.

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  • Addition of a box by Christine Croubois with How to involve your parents in your startup adventure?
  • Adding the double box Create your startup versus undertake by Daniel Cohen-Zardi, who rightly reminds us that you can undertake without creating a startup. The Startups Guide is also quite useful for this category of entrepreneurs.
  • Addition of sidebar How to take a pro-business approach to GDPR? by Jean-Baptiste Souffron.
  • Addition of sidebar The case of the salaried inventor by Magali Touroude.
  • More practical details on Station F with a precise, quantified and unpublished inventory of its start-up reception structures that it includes.
  • Updates to various boxes including that of Michel Nizon on The prophecy of the Morbihan taxi driver, about the disappearance of the RSI.
  • Addition of a box on the Estonian e-citizenship and e-residence, a small section on the implementation in Africa and another on how to get inspired byIsrael.
  • Addition of the two-page box AI or Mobile first is good, international first is better by Silvia Carter.
  • Adding a part on ICOs in crowdfunding.
  • Update of the investment taxation, integrating the 2018 finance law and the abolition of the ISF and its replacement by the IFI.
  • Numerous updates regarding Bpifrance and the French Tech.
  • Numerous updates of start-up support programs large companies.
  • Updates to the non-exhaustive inventory of service providers of the startup support ecosystem. I also deleted those whose signs of life no longer seemed to be very active.
  • Various additions to the bibliography and sources of information useful to entrepreneurs.

As usual, a more complete update log is available at the end of the Guide with hyperlinks in the document (below).

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The origin of the spelling of the title of the Startups Guide

By the way, a little spelling point on the word “startup” that I use in the Guide and its title with a word attached. This is also the case in Wikipedia (below) even though start-up is used in the body of the article, illustrating that a Wikipedia article is usually written by multiple contributors. The same goes for the English version from Wikipedia.

1605312215 137 Startups Guide 2018 FrenchWebfr1605312216 613 Startups Guide 2018 FrenchWebfr

Others use “start-up”, which is also difficult to put in the plural. Discussions are still going well on the subject. Despite current usage worldwide, the majority of dictionaries recommend using start-ups in French (Larousse) just like in English (Webster). This debate also exists in the USA but seems to have calmed down (source)!

To separate the two, a small Google count shows that people only care about dictionaries. Here is the global result, which shows that “startup” is ahead of “start-up” in terms of published pages, but not by much (195 vs 131 million pages).

Startups Guide 2018 FrenchWebfr1605312218 349 Startups Guide 2018 FrenchWebfr

A small Google Trends shows that the practice is more favorable to startups in everyday language, both in France and around the world. The weight of “start-ups”, although still largely in the minority, is a little more important in France than in the whole world. However, it is startup and not start-up that largely dominates, despite the dictates of dictionaries. In short, I use current usage and not the usage imposed by dictionaries!

1605312218 289 Startups Guide 2018 FrenchWebfr1605312219 395 Startups Guide 2018 FrenchWebfr

This is the why and how of the title of the “Startups Guide”. There is another practical reason: it is more graphic, symmetrical and aesthetic than with a dash as illustrated. below ! Then, as an option, we can start the discussion on the capital S in the title. Are there important things in life? !

1605312219 446 Startups Guide 2018 FrenchWebfr

1605312220 484 Startups Guide 2018 FrenchWebfrContribute to developing the Guide

Whatever your activity, you can always help develop the Startups Guide for future editions.

For example, for:

  • Correct in the short term, spelling errors, citations of structures or activities that no longer exist or outdated data.
  • By offering ways of improvement specific content, and much better, by offering your own contribution.
  • By offering testimonials on your experience as an entrepreneur, coach or investor.

How to read the Guide?

You can read or print the Guide’s PDF with the tool of your choice. If you want a printed version, you can use one of the many online printing services that a little Internet search will show you.

Note that this document is not provided in an epub version due to its formatting which is difficult to export in a format with text per kilometer.

Happy reading and great entrepreneurial adventure!

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Olivier Ezratty is a consultant and author. He advises companies on the development of their innovation strategies, and in particular in the sector of connected objects and artificial intelligence. Very active in the ecosystem of startups that he supports as a consultant, advisor, speaker and author, he is appreciated for the in-depth articles on his blog Free opinions in very diverse fields. He has published the “Startups Guide” as well as the “CES Las Vegas Report” every year since 2006. Olivier is an expert for FrenchWeb which resumes from time to time the publication of articles on his blog.