Start-up of the day: TapPublisher wants to make it easier to create mobile apps with “drag and drop”

by bold-lichterman

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Frenchweb invites you today to discover TapPublisher, a start-up founded in 2014 (but whose project began in 2012) by Frédéric Aloé and Hervé Piedvache. It publishes a platform for creating mobile applications whose interface is based on “drag and drop”. A market that positions the company against players like GoodBarber. More details with Frédéric Aloé, co-founder.

tappublisherFrenchweb: How did you get the idea for your company?

Frédéric Aloé: The idea arose in 2011 from two observations. There was a demand to make mobile apps from small web players (bloggers, SMEs), but with very limited budgets, less than 1000 euros, therefore impossible to achieve by traditional channels (independent developers, WebAgency). On the other hand, there were many tools and services for producing web content, such as WordPress, Prestashop or Wix, but nothing for native mobile apps.

Most people therefore turned to webapps, but which offered a rather bad user experience. We therefore thought about a simple and affordable solution for beginners that would allow the creation of native, quality mobile apps for Android and iOS.

What need are you responding to?

Our solution allows anyone who already has a web presence or content producers (Bloggers, YouTubers, magazines) to create a mobile app in a few clicks and publish it on the various blinds, without any programming or technical knowledge.

They can integrate a very large number of services – including WordPress, YouTube, Dailymotion, Instagram, Flickr, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – to design an app that allows them to stay connected with customers on mobile, with a user experience. optimum.

All this is done in drag & drop with a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get, editor’s note). We have chosen to develop a native application editor for MacOS, which makes it possible to easily create an app, to integrate and configure the different modules, to customize design and manage the presence on the AppStore. For now, the service only allows you to create apps for iPhone, but an Android version will be released in early 2015.

Very simply, what is your business model?

We have 3 offers:

  • an offer where everything is included at 39 euros per month;
  • an offer premium which provides graphics services and custom developments such as the integration of specific business APIs;
  • a free offer, financed by advertising.

tappublisher2Who are your competitors? with a very premium and very expensive offer at a minimum of 1,500 euros per year, and more oriented towards local business US, with a web-based editor

What is your main asset in this market?

Ultra-simplified and highly automated native application production up to the launch store.

What is the best advice you have been given and by whom?

Stay hungry, stay foolish”(“ Stay hungry, stay idiot ”, editor’s note), to quote just one excerpt from Steve Jobs’ speech at Stanford University in 2005.

Who is the personality you admire the most?

Steve Jobs, for his ability to popularize technologies for all.

Founders: Frédéric Aloé and Hervé Piedvache

Investors: No

Creation date : May 2014, the project started in early 2012

Company based in: Paris, 9th

Photo credit: TapPublisher