Start-up of the day: S4M measures the performance of your mobile campaigns in real time

by bold-lichterman

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Frenchweb invites you today to discover S4M, a start-up founded in December 2011. It is developing a solution to measure advertising campaigns carried out on mobile: smartphone and tablet. More details with Christophe Collet, founder.

Frenchweb: How did you get the idea for your company?

Christophe Collet S4MChristophe Collet, founder of S4M: In 2010, when I was running Adenyo. At that time, media agencies (GroupM, Omnicom Media Group) were already calling on our expertise to convert their clients to mobile media. It was already the year of mobile. Quickly, we made our first media plans and found that the mobile could be efficient. But the downside for me was that we had to take our word for what the control rooms told us who sold us space… which made this performance less credible.

So I started looking for this tool that would allow me to check that what I was buying was delivered and to measure the real engagement of mobile users with the ads we broadcast.

Having this tool was for me fundamental, because it would give transparency to the advertiser on the euro invested and thus create the latter’s confidence in our media. Not having found it, I decided to create it myself. We had just sold Adenyo to Motricity, my team and I were excited to embark on a new mobile adventure.

What need are you responding to?

The need of any advertiser is advertising effectiveness. He wants the money in his promotion to be as effective as possible: to reach the right target at the right time and at the right price. Our answer is the tools to achieve this goal.

S4M makes it possible to verify that what you have purchased has actually been delivered (trusted third party between agencies and sales offices), but solutions like S4M make it possible to measure the effectiveness of a campaign in real time and therefore to optimize its advertising investments based. Warning 50% of clicks are worthless.

Touchscreens with 100% clickable ad formats involve a lot of error clicks. Almost 50% never reach the advertiser’s site or App. This is an average that we have seen over more than 1,000 campaigns. This is huge, and forces us to think that if an advertiser now buys their campaigns on the “click” without tracking technology, then 50% of their advertising budget goes directly to the trash even before having started the campaign. Tracking your campaigns should no longer be an option! Then, if you want to make your campaigns efficient, forget the classic KPIs, choose the one or those that interest you and optimize your campaigns according to them, because a good click-through rate does not necessarily imply a good conversion cost. , it is often the opposite!

And the download: the advertiser’s false friend… Downloading an application does not mean using it. Only 20% of people reuse an app downloaded after an advertising campaign within a month. You have to be extremely careful with “download” purchases. Too often, you will be sold download “Incentive”, that is to say that we will have paid a person to download your application. The number of downloads will therefore be high, the apparent purchase price will be interesting, but without any guarantee of use. It’s critical that brands choose the right KPIs: the number of active users is more valuable than the number of downloads.

Also, while counting a lot of downloads may make your boss happy, I think they’ll be more interested in the fact that you’ve recruited customers in order to retain them.

s4m-teamVery simply, how do you make money?

On each advertising impression that we are going to track.

Who are your competitors?

Our competitors are generally Desktop WEB giants (Doubleclick, Mediamind…) which adapt their solution to mobile without understanding its subtleties… which means that their solutions are recognized as unreliable on mobile media.

We also have pure player competitors on certain S4M features such as AdX (Criteo) on the tracking app or even Medialets on adserving. None of our competitors offers a software suite as complete as that of S4M and has not clearly positioned itself alongside advertisers and media agencies as a technology provider, trusted third party and business platform operator.

What or which companies are you being compared to in error?

Les Echos titled on us by talking about “Critéo du mobile”, which made us very happy, Criteo is a great reference and a model to follow.

What was one of the first issues in your development, and how did you deal with it?

Our first problem was technical, because to offer our customers a quality, reliable, unified measurement, and independent of mobile agencies and manufacturers like Apple or Android … it was necessary:

  1. connect all the mobile networks on the market to our platform, an essential link to enable advertisers and media agencies to program, execute, measure and optimize their mobile and tablet media plans in real time.
  1. find technological solutions based on public data and not on private data such as cookies or UDIDs in order to offer our customers the greatest respect for their privacy. This is why we chose from the start to develop our own “Device Fingerprinting” algorithm. This technology reconciles public and anonymous technical data (browser, typo, plugins, screens, schedule, IP, etc.) to create a unique identifier throughout the advertising experience and thus measure everything that is happening. From printing to downloading an application and its subsequent use. And this without cookies.

The second issue was and remains competition. This is why we have decided to invest massively in R&D in order to maintain our technological lead and rather than wait for it, we are now focusing on exporting our technology to the world and thus convincing international customers of the relevance of it. this.

What is your main asset in this market?

We are “native mobile”. We’re from mobile, we know how it works. We create for the mobile, we do not adapt. As a result, our tool is simple, complete and reliable. It is for all these reasons that the big agencies have chosen us. After more than 1000 campaigns managed, we can also say that we have the experience!

What is the best advice you have been given and by whom?

It was in 2001, it was my first internship and I was doing it at a BMW dealership. The best salesman in the dealership and in France (more than 250 BMWs per year) told me: “You know Christophe, selling a car to someone is easy… selling him one is harder! He taught me that day the basics of customer loyalty: a good product, service and the right price. Thanks Denis.

Who is the personality you admire the most?

Steve Jobs for his ability to make complicated things simple.

Founder: Christophe Collet

Investors: Christophe Collet (70%), with a lifting friends & family.

Creation date: december 2011

Number of employees: 24

Sales figures: 2.7 million euros in 2013

Company based in: Paris (Boulogne Billancourt – 92), New York, London and Singapore.

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos