[Start-up de la semaine] Momentic, the French-style Cards app

by bold-lichterman

They had the same idea, at the same time … While Apple recently unveiled its postcard app Cards, a group of French students designed at the same time Momentic, the “chic and practical photo”.
This app, available since September 11 on smartphones – iOS and Android – allows you to order photos remotely and have them delivered within three working days, as a postcard, or as a box of 5 and 10 photos.

The idea was born from an end-of-studies project: the six founders came from the HETIC school. Some of them are 100% dedicated to the development of the start-up, Massive Digital in July 2011. The company is now incubated by Paris Paris Pionnières, and seeks to raise funds.

Interview with two of the founders, Lynn Jaber (president), and Guillaume Mercey, CEO of Massive Digital.