[Start-up Concept] Qeexo, tactile interaction pushed to its maximum

by bold-lichterman

“The touch function can improve interactions”: It is from this idea that three students from Carnegie Mellon University: Sangwon Lee, Julia Schwarz and Chris Harrison, created their start-up in 2012. Since then, this project called Qeexo gave birth to software simply called FingerSense. The concept is simple: push to the maximum the capacities of tactile capture of objects which are now part of the daily life of millions of people: smartphones.

The software they launched makes it possible to interact with the terminal with the fingertips, but also with the nails, with a stylus, or by gently knocking against the screen with a knuckle. Faced with each type of request on its screen, the phone reacts differently. For this project, the 3 co-founders were supported by the Institute for Human-Machine Interaction at their university.

“This patented technology analyzes the unique acoustic ‘signature’ of physical objects to identify what has just touched the screen,” can be read on the Qeexo website. The phone “listens” to the way the user touches it!


The company markets its software to phone manufacturers, for whom including this technology is one way of differentiating their products from what else is available in their market. The software is also suitable for tablets. But FingerSense is also marketed to application developers.

The project attracted investors and in May 2014, Qeexo managed to raise $ 2.3 million in Series A from two funds in Silicon Valley: Sierra Ventures and Danhua Capital. Enough to finance the recruitment of engineers and a sales team.

So far, Qeexo has not announced a partnership with one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers. But it might not be long …

Founders: Sangwon Lee, Julia Schwarz and Chris Harrison

Creation date: 2012

Company based in: San José, California

Workforce: 11 people

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