[Start-up BizDev] Recommerce launches in Switzerland, Heuritech integrates the La Poste accelerator …

by bold-lichterman

recommerceThe specialist in the recovery and resale of used products Recommerce announces the opening of a subsidiary in Switzerland in order to continue its international expansion. In particular, it has forged a partnership with Swisscom to position itself on the mobile take-back market.

“Switzerland is a mature market with a high rate of high-value mobile equipment. Our partnership with Swisscom thus enables us to provide innovative, reliable and attractive retrofitting solutions to consumers sensitive to the trend of recommerce and sustainable development in general ”explains Diane Thomas, partner and director of international development.

Founded in 2009 by Pierre-Etienne Roinat, Antoine Jeanjean, Cédric Maucourt and Benoît Varin, Recommerce opened a branch in Warsaw in 2013, while it is already present in France, Spain and Portugal.