Start-up: Belgian designers on the grill

by bold-lichterman

Almost a quarter of Belgian start-ups started with less than 500,000 euros in funds, according to the results of the Belgian start-up barometer made by theExpress Business and published last October 5. Produced in particular from information from everyday life The evening, the infographic paints a robot portrait of Belgian start-ups.

The Belgian entrepreneur: a man, a business graduate

First of all, 42% of start-ups belong to the software and high-tech sector, and 29% are e-merchants. A little over a quarter of companies are in the social sector.

Another observation is that 82% of start-ups were created by men against 12% by women; 6% were created by mixed teams. By way of comparison in France, the proportion of women among business creators is close to 40%, if we are to believe data from theINSEE.

Belgian business creators are generally highly educated, and have a rather commercial background: there are in fact 2.5 times more business school graduates than engineering school graduates among the sample studied.

Finally, barely 11% of Belgian business creators exceeded one million euros in funding. Less than one in five entrepreneurs say they seek to raise funds when their business model has been proven: a third of start-ups raise funds once their product is ready to be marketed. This result is partly explained by the fact that more than a third (38%) of the start-ups studied were created last year.


Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos