Square raises $ 100 million and is valued at over $ 1 billion!

by bold-lichterman

According to Wall Street Journal, the American mobile payment specialist, Square, has just finalized a third round of funding with a pool of investors led by the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers fund. Mary Meeker, partner of KPCB joins the board of the company.

Square raises 100 million and is valued at overThe start-up created by Jack Dorsey and launched a little over a year ago has developed a credit card reader to plug into your smartphone. It has already raised $ 37.5 million for the first time before the giant Visa returns to its capital in April on an investment the amount of which has remained confidential.

Jack Dorsey’s announced ambition is simple: to allow anyone and anywhere to receive payments via their mobile. Square’s mobile application is available for Android, iPhone, iPad and its technology is responsible for $ 3M in payments per day, on which it charges 2.75% commission.

A new member of the club of US billionaire startups therefore and a serious potential competition for the development of mobile payment services from Paypal among others.