Spying on users through apps: what’s going on between Facebook, Google and Apple?

by bold-lichterman

War seems openly declared between Facebook and Apple. For its part, Google has recognized its error and announced that it has uninstalled its application on iOS. Back to the facts.

What is it exactly? The ” Developer Enterprise Program Apple allows companies to develop internal applications by granting them special certificates. The company therefore enjoys greater freedom and can create more powerful apps, but only for its employees. The conditions of use of the program are very clear on this point. However, Facebook and Google used it to develop applications then offered to the general public in order to collect their data …

How did Facebook and Google get around this rule and for what reasons? Let’s start with Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. As revealed TechCrunch, since 2016, Facebook has been paying people aged between 13 and 35 to install the applicationCambridge Analytica. But it is the first time that he has taken such a radical decision towards Mark Zuckerberg’s company and towards another Web giant. A particularly bad situation for Facebook. The social network used this program to run its internal services on a large scale and its developers rely on it to update applications and test new versions. The company having confirmed that this action is indeed paralyzing part of its activities. Has Apple gone too far? Does he want to bring down Facebook? Remember in any case that Facebook knew very well what it was doing and that one of its previous applications, Onavo, which operated on the same principle as “Facebook Research” had already been withdrawn from the App Store by Apple.

What this pass of arms also shows is the position of strength acquired by Apple through its application store, where Facebook finds itself in a position of vulnerability. The question is, what can they now offer Apple to address this situation?

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But unfortunately, Facebook is not the only company to have abused this program. Likewise, Google has also used its membership in theSpying on users through apps whats going on between Facebook

Google Play screenshot, January 31.

Likewise, Facebook has disabled its problematic app on iOS but not on Android.