Spotify + WhatsApp + Vanessa Guillot = INSIDERS

by bold-lichterman

  • The desktop version of Spotify can damage your computer.
  • WhatsApp (finally) launches video calls.
  • $ 17.8 billion in transactions recorded through Alipay during Singles’ Day.
  • Low penetration rate of financial services in China.
  • The appointments: Vanessa Guillot, Leonard Glab Frontera, Camille Bayard, Jérémy Gaudin, Brigitte Savournin …
  • The online workshop: Meetic is looking for new talents to boost its technological transformation.
    November 17, at 12:30 p.m.

Daniel EkAlthough Spotify continues to dominate the music streaming market with more than 40 million paying subscribers, the platform led by Daniel Ek has been experiencing some setbacks lately. After a virus that could infect users when they clicked on an ad banner, Spotify faces a more worrying problem. Indeed, the desktop version of the online music service could affect the integrity of computers, to the point of causing premature death of the hard drive.

And for good reason, once the software is downloaded, it would tend to write an abnormally high amount of data on the disk, even when the program is not running. Journalists from the Ars Technica site found that Spotify could write 5 to 10 GB of data in less than an hour, when the application is not in use. When the program is running, the software is able to go beyond 700 GB of data in a matter of hours.

This malfunction can lead to a fatal overload on computer capacity and subscriber bandwidths. This can range from slowing down the computer to having a very heavy impact on the life of the machine. Faced with the grumbling of most of its subscribers, Spotify decided to make a fix that will be available in the next update of the application.

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WhatsAppIt’s now official, WhatsApp now offers video calls. The messaging app, bought by Facebook in February 2014 for $ 19 billion, began rolling out this feature on Android and iOS on November 14 to its more than one billion users.

If video calls are enabled, the user just needs to tap the small phone at the top right of a conversation, as if they wanted to make a regular call. The app will then ask him if he wants to make an audio or video call. Like other types of communication available on WhatsApp, video calls will benefit from end-to-end encryption on the app. This feature allows WhatsApp to reposition itself on the messaging application market against the competition embodied by Facebook Messenger, Google Allo or Viber.

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alibaba-signles-day-2016With $ 17.8 billion in transactions recorded through Alipay, up 32% from last year, Alibaba once again hit the mark on its Singles’ Day.

This year, more than 82% of sales were made via mobile, compared to 69% in 2015, according to one communicated published by Jack Ma’s firm the day after its day of exceptional sales. At its highest, the e-commerce giant recorded a peak of 175,000 orders in one second. Another observation is that Alibaba recorded more than a billion transactions during the day, which makes it possible to estimate the average basket per transaction carried out at around $ 17.8.

Photo credit: Alibaba

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Despite multi-digit growth rates and a booming domestic market, China has a rather low financial services penetration rate compared to Western countries, according to data reported by The Demand Institute in its report “A Wealth of Opportunity, Chinese Consumers and their Shifting Demand for Financial Services»Published at the beginning of November.

Barely 20% of urban consumers have a bank account. People born in the 1970s use financial services the most, if the report is to be believed. It should be noted that the data presented come from the latest version of the Nielsen China Financial Track Survey, dating from 2014. It would be interesting to analyze these same data at present.


1605471741 142 Spotify WhatsApp Vanessa Guillot INSIDERS

Vanessa Guillot arrives at OMD France as Head of Mobile

The media agency OMD France announces the appointment of Vanessa Guillot as Head of Mobile. In her new role, she will lead the company’s mobile team. Previously, Vanessa Guillot was Mobile Consulting Director at Mobext (Havas Media Group).

Leonard-Glab-Frontera-abas-france-2016Leonard Glab Frontera appointed Director of Marketing and Communications at Abas France

Leonard Glab Frontera arrives at Abas France, publisher of ERP software for manufacturers, as marketing and communication director. As part of his duties, he will be in charge of the company’s marketing strategy. Previously, Leonard Glab Frontera was Marketing Manager at Abas Business Solutions Ibérica.

camille-bayard-insign-2016Insign strengthens its teams with two new arrivals

Camille Bayard (opposite) arrives as artistic director manager at Insign. The digital agency also named Jeremy Gaudin as an experienced designer.

brigitte-savournin-nexeo-group-2016Brigitte Savournin becomes Marketing and Communication Director of the Nexeo group

Brigitte Savournin is appointed Marketing and Communication Director of Nexeo group, specialist in business management consulting. Previously, she worked for FCM Travel Solutions France in the same position.

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