Spotify opens the doors of iPod, iPhone and Android smartphones to everyone!

by bold-lichterman

The brand new version of Spotify should cringe some teeth, especially at Apple.

For the first time, the streaming music service opens up to any classic iPod, Nano and Shuffle. Just connect your iPod to your computer with a USB cable and it magically appears in the “Players” tab in the sidebar of the Spotify application.

Spotify opens the doors of iPod iPhone and Android smartphonesYou can now synchronize all the mp3 files of your Spotify playlists with your iPod but above all buy titles in a different dimension than the traditional one of the album as iTunes does. Spotify allows you to buy playlists from among the 200 million available on a sliding scale principle: € 9.99 for 10 tracks, € 60 for 100 tracks, ie a very clearly competitive unit price.

Another striking novelty of the new version, the iPhone and Android mobile applications are now accessible to everyone and no longer only to premium subscribers to synchronize their mp3s and their purchases on the site via wifi.

15 days ago, Spotify reduced its freemium offer to 10 hours of streaming per month, which earned him some criticism. Today the Swedish company reveals its hidden plan with the possibility for everyone to use its service for offline listening on the main devices. A frontal attack against the hegemonic will of Apple and a putting in working order to invade the American market!