Spotify CEO commits to invest € 1 billion in European DeepTech

by bold-lichterman

Daniel Ek, CEO of the popular music streaming platform Spotify, announced at the Slush event which took place via videoconference that he would commit € 1 billion of his personal fortune to European startups specializing in technology. point, especially DeepTech. This investment will be spread over the next 10 years.

A “New European dream

The Swede, whose fortune amounts to 3.6 billion dollars according to Forbes, says he wants to achieve a “New European dreamTo bring European startups to the level of American unicorns. Indeed, Daniel Ek says he is “frustrated” when he sees “of European entrepreneurs abandon their extraordinary visions by selling to non-European companies very early on, or when some of Europe’s most promising tech talents leave because they don’t feel appreciated here“.

The CEO of Spotify specifies his interest in startups focused on machine learning, BioTech or energy. He has also already invested in innovative projects such as Swedish MedTech Kry (Livi), specializing in telemedicine, or HJN Sverige, focused on artificial intelligence in the health sector. ” We need more great companies that raise the bar and can be a source of inspiration “.