Specialized in Big data, PredicSis raises 1 million euros: “French engineers are excellent”

by bold-lichterman

The Breton startup will have developed its technology for 10 years in the Orange laboratories.


“We had a very targeted approach: we looked at existing funds and then selected those that we could be interested in. There were only four left. Among them, Innovacom has agreed to help us ”explains Jean-Louis Fuccellaro, the founder of PredicSis, a Breton startup based in Lannion, to Frenchweb. Specialized in data analysis, it offers solutions for predicting consumer and internet behavior.

“Our technology is based on learning machines. It took us ten years to develop it in the Orange laboratories, with a team of 20 researchers ”. The company that markets its solution in SaaS (software as a service, editor’s note), and in cloud, seeks to expand its borders and targets new customers in Europe and the United States. To do this, it will have to face competition from numerous players who position themselves in this market estimated at several billion dollars. We think in particular of Data Publica [à lire également : La startup du jour : Data Publica utilise le Big Data pour faire de la vente prédictive] or BigML across the Atlantic. But “our technology is natively big data” affirms Mr. Fuccellaro.


It will now be easier with this new round table. After meeting with the private equity fund on September 4, he and his partner received a letter of intent November 28. It only took three months to agree on the subject and the amounts. “The funds will be used to develop our technology and, always, to implement it in our products”.

The priority will therefore be to continue efforts in this increasingly competitive and research-intensive market. PredicSis therefore plans to recruit ten additional people to strengthen its current team of 15 employees. Jobs in France, despite its desire for internationalization: “I lived in England for 10 years and I can say that the level of French engineers is excellent”.

Founders: Bertrand Grèzes-Besset and Jean-Louis Fuccellaro

Creation: July 2013

Workforce: 15 people soon 25 in the second semester

Turnover: NC

Company based: Paris and Lannion