[Spécial New York #1] Focus on the new big apple startups

by bold-lichterman

New York is undoubtedly becoming a hotspot for Internet and High-Tech in the United States. Still far from competing with Silicon Valley, entrepreneurs, American and more and more often French, are flocking there as towards a new Eldorado.

The first visible reason for this new dynamism is the development policy initiated by the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg. It will materialize with the upcoming birth of the New York Tech Campus, its major High-Tech university project. The call for tenders was won a few months ago by the association between the great American university Cornell and the famous Israeli Technion. A project of more than 2 billion dollars!

Special New York 1 Focus on the new big apple

On April 19, the Lexington Armory, formerly New York military barracks, was held New York Tech Day. The opportunity to take the pulse of the local ecosystem and meet the figures of French Internet entrepreneurship in New York.

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Among the French exhibitors of the NYTD, Damien Rottemberg, creator of Pure Sofa.

An overview of some New York Tech Day startups

We’re not creating exactly the same type of startups here as in San Francisco, even if the watchword seems SoLoMo. Is it the Foursquare effect that is in action? In New York, social networks with a local e, mobile and fun dimension are flourishing, as well as newsletters and mobile guides on good urban plans. Small selection:

GetGlue, social network of entertainment. 1 million users can “check-in” what they watch, listen to and read. The start-up has for partners: FOX, NBC, HBO, Sony Pictures, Dreamworks, Disney, Universal Music and Atlantic Records.

GuessWher, to post a photo and let others guess where you are. An iPhone version is expected in a very short time. The start-up is defined as the meeting of Instagram and Draw something.

MyCityWay, mobile platform for city discovery. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry, the application allows you to find good restaurants, shopping, bars, outings… 70 cities around the world have been scrutinized. The start-up has 15 people and has raised $ 6 million.

Special New York 1 Focus on the new big apple

Social Passport, available for iPhone and Android smartphones, allows Like, Follow and Check-in at points of sale with rewards in the form of coupons. The application uses NFC technology, allows you to scan QR codes and keep digital versions of its loyalty cards. A real shopping toolbox!

Blood Sweat and Cheers is a selection of good local, fun and sporting plans to share with friends. Sent daily by e-mail, it is aimed at urbanites aged 20 to 40. No, mail clients are not dead!

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Social Blendr is also surfing the fashion of social play by proposing to associate games and tests with an upcoming event, beforehand and even during. A dimension of social gaming which facilitates meetings between participants in the same event.

YourPartyHub.com, search engine, social again, to find the right parties and organize outings with friends. The information (photos, videos…) is entered directly by the organizers themselves. the site offers a “buzz wall”.

Special New York 1 Focus on the new big apple

What are the strengths and entry points of the Big Apple? This is the subject of a series of meetings and interviews which begins today, and for ten days, on FrenchWeb.