Sparrow, the new mail client for Mac OS

by bold-lichterman

“Minimalist” is the key word of Sparrow, email client launched last October in beta version. A test period that quickly turned into success with 70,000 downloads in just a few weeks.

Sparrow is positioned between traditional mail clients, such as the “Mail” application on Mac OS for example, Sparrow the new mail client for Mac OSand a notification application similar to a Twitter client. The inspiration is clear: to bring to the desktop an application incorporating the advantages of simplicity of a mobile application. The application is initially a Gmail client on Imap support, which can easily be used to access other messaging services. Its development began almost 10 years ago!

Sparrow the new mail client for Mac OSAmong the features of Sparrow:

– Incrementation of conversations (Threads), management of multiple accounts, notifications, labeling of emails, simple management of attachments, etc. As soon as a public API is available, Sparrow will integrate Facebook Messages.

Sparrow is funded by Kima Ventures. The paid application was released on February 7, 2011 and has already generated several hundred thousand dollars through the new Mac App Store. 50% of users are American.

Interview with Dominique Leca, co-founder of Sparrow.

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