Soundcharts, the market platform for the music industry

by bold-lichterman

On the occasion of Cannes Midem, FrenchWeb offers a series of promising companies in the music sector. They are reinventing the uses in the consumption of musical content.

The first young company in this series is Soundcharts. Created in France in 2014 by David Weiszfeld, the start-up allows the music industry to know the value of an artist in the market. If a festival or a concert hall wish to book an artist’s performance, all you have to do is go to the application to find out how much they can estimate his performance. To do this, the platform lists all the data related to the artist (playlist, radio broadcast, fans on social networks, etc.).

David Weiszfeld defines Soundcharts as “the first market intelligence platform for the music industry“. In order to illustrate with an example the ambition of its application, its founder has chosen to start the podcast recorded with FrenchWeb by Sunset Lover from Petit Biscuit. The independent artist, who is managed by David Weiszfeld, is now exporting very well abroad. “This is an example of our problem today: how to develop music outside our borders thanks to technology?», Analyzes David Weiszfeld.


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