Soundcharts, data for music professionals

by bold-lichterman

Soundcharts is the big winner of the Cannes Midem which took place at the beginning of June. A month later, David Weiszfeld, founder of the start-up, looks back on the first benefits brought by the event. The Midem “brought us two super concrete things: […] one, one credibility […], the second thing is visibility“.

Founded in 2014 by David Weiszfeld, the start-up allows the music industry to know the value of an artist in the market. To do this, the platform lists all the data related to the artist (playlist, radio broadcast, fans on social networks, etc.) using software developed in-house.

200 customers since September 2016

The company has been offering offers between 49 and 299 euros since September 2016. The more the price increases, the more customers have access to a large amount of information on artists. Today, Soundcharts claims 200 customers and a turnover, the amount was not disclosed, which doubled between January and June.

Facilitating access to information related to artists is one of the start-up’s main objectives. The second is to change the way people work in the music industry. “We facilitate the work of all professionals by doing 90% of the work that until today was done manually», Explains David Weiszfeld, founder of Soundcharts.

Founder: David Weiszfeld

Launch: 2014

Seat : Paris

Activity: market intelligence platform for the music industry

Workforce: 13 employees

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