Sosh subscribers will not have access to 4G

by bold-lichterman

During a interview with Figaro, Stéphane Richard, CEO of France Telecom, indicated that Sosh subscribers (Orange’s 100% web offer) could not benefit from 4G.


“4G will not be available on our Sosh offers…” he specified before continuing: “In France, we are in the phase of rapid deployment of the network. 4G will be offered, initially, for our high-end customers (Origami Jet); and we will offer it as an option for all other Origami packages, at an additional 1 euro per month until the end of the year. In a second phase, when our 4G coverage will be more extensive, the price will adjust ”

As a reminder, 18 months after its launch, the Sosh offer currently has more than one million customers.