Sophia Genetics injects artificial intelligence into public hospitals

by bold-lichterman

Molecular diagnosis makes it possible to understand the origin of a disease. Combined with digital technology, it would allow “within 10 years of controlling cancer, using collective intelligence», Says Jurgi Camblong, founder of Sophia Genetics, a platform which, from DNA sequencing, centralizes the data necessary for the hospitals which carry out these tests.

While other start-ups, such as GenePred, focus on sequencing the genes specific to each individual, Sophia Genetics wants to bring hospitals to the age of Big Data. It provides them with a platform “community in Saas on which hospitals pay only according to their needs“. At a time of public disengagement and cost hunting, hospitals can find their way around: “there is thus no investment to make», Assures Jurgi Camblong.

In Europe, the Swiss-based company has already convinced 180 hospitals, including 20 in France.

The start-up has already carried out 4 fundraising events with the Belgian investor and entrepreneur Marc Coucke (Omega Pharma).

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Founder : Jurgi Camblong

Seat : Lausanne (Switzerland)

Workforce: 110 people including 50 engineers and doctorate in mathematics and computer biology. 50 sales representatives.

Creation date : 2011

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