Soon the Facebook Messenger application to pay in store?

by bold-lichterman

Facebook Messenger intends to go beyond its simple function of chatting with friends. The social network is testing a new payment functionality allowing to pay directly in store, via the application, as revealed The Information who looked closely at the source code of the application. The test would participate in Facebook’s strategy to become a full-fledged service platform, and would even be ready to collaborate with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay. Messenger claims 700 million users worldwide.

Facebook, which already offers peer to peer payment on its Messenger application, seeks to position itself on everyday purchases, without having to take out the bank card. A diversification on which the WeChat application has also been placed, which has signed an agreement with Tencent to pay, via the application, electricity bills or fines, as shown by Gabriel de Montessus, CEO of HiPay.

If Facebook favors the Apple Pay solution over its application, such as the american press suggests, it would open the doors to the iPhone and Apple Watch market, avoiding going through the merchant’s terminal. He could also decide to develop his own payment solution.

The Facebook Messenger application must ultimately go well beyond the conversation tool. Like the Uber service which was integrated into the application last December, Facebook is orienting its extension towards services and monetization.

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