[Sondage] Apple, champion of innovation for 68% of French people

by bold-lichterman

The day after death of Steve Jobs, Toluna, online survey solution, publishes a survey on the perception that the French have of Apple and the supposed consequences that this sad news will have on the activity of the Apple brand.

Sondage Apple champion of innovation for 68 of French people

Without surprise,

  • Apple is considered the most innovative technology company of the past 10 years for 68% of French people, ahead of Google (52%), Facebook (32%) and Microsoft (27%).
  • For consumers, the most innovative products are the iPad (47%) and the Iphone (45%).
  • Respondents also believe that Apple’s success is mainly due to its capacity for innovation (73% of respondents), then to its marketing (32%).
  • However, 59% of them believe that the disappearance of Steve Jobs will have consequences for the launch of new Apple products.

The Toluna survey was carried out on the internet on October 6, 2011 in France with a sample of 1,000 people aged 18 and over. The results have been restated to be representative of the national population in terms of region, sex and age.