Solocal (PagesJaunes) signs with Apple to share its data on Maps

by bold-lichterman

The directory also intends to enhance its data in the digital age. PagesJaunes have signed a partnership with Apple, the objective of which is to exchange data held by the online directory for its mapping application Maps. Concretely, the French company will make available to the Cupertino firm the information it holds on local businesses: GPS location of stores, opening hours, telephone numbers, etc.

For Solocal Group, the parent company of PagesJaunes, the challenge is also to expand the use of its data, while the company is now competing for its core business, the telephone directory, by new start-ups. like Truecaller. Suddenly, agreements with the giants of the Web have accelerated. Two agreements were signed with Microsoft and Google earlier in the year, in order to accelerate its digital transformation.

In the end, out of 2.4 billion visits per year claimed on all Solocal Group sites, 400 million come from partnerships. And, of the 936.2 million euros of turnover generated in 2014, the group claims that 75% come from digital activities. More details on this agreement and the gains for Apple with Pascal Garcia, director of partnership strategy at Solocal Group.

General manager : Jean-Pierre Remy

Market : local communication

Turnover: 936.2 million euros in 2014

Workforce: 4,500 employees

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