Software publisher 2Spark raises 1 million euros

by bold-lichterman

The software publisher 2Spark just completed a fundraising of 1 million euros from private investors. The company counts Scientipôle Initiative among its historical investors. 2Spark intends to use this new investment to deploy its online solution in five new languages, covering 15 countries.

2Spark is developing the Ancrage / s software platform in SaaS mode, to make employees aware of best practices within the company, in particular on topics such as commercial, managerial, environmental, ethical or health and safety practices. 2Spark has large groups like La Poste among its customers.

“The 2Spark solution can be summed up in four words: transform, engage, anchor, measure. It makes it possible to improve employee practices in just one minute a day and to support transformations, boost productivity, obtain standards and set up quality processes ”explains the company on its website.

2Spark was co-founded in Paris in 2011 by Lara Pawlicz, Grégoire Salomon and Alain Boltz. The company is currently managed by Lara Pawlicz and employs around ten people. She is supported by the Paris Pionnières incubator.