Societe Generale, CitiGroup, Barclays … the big banks are chasing Bitcoin specialists

by bold-lichterman

The announcement ran this summer and was relayed by CoinDesk, the specialized American news site. Société Générale was looking in VIE (Volontariat International en Entreprises) for an “IT engineer on bitcoin, blockchain * and crypto-currencies”.

According to the description of the position to be held for twelve months abroad, the third French bank was looking to recruit a developer to work on internal software and “prototype programming”. Among its tasks, the development of a test version in all the languages ​​and protocols used by cryptocurrencies and blockchains, programming in various code languages ​​(C, Python, etc.), and statistical analyzes to gather information quantitative information on current practices. Its role would also be to “participate in the FinTech community and gather information on cryptocurrencies in London and elsewhere.”

Francis Pouliot TEDx HEC Photo“It is not surprising, it has been a year since I observed an acceleration in the recruitment of engineers and Bitcoin specialists in major global banks. In general, they just need an expert on groups with more than 10,000 employees, ”explains Frenchweb Francis Pouliot, the director of public affairs at the Bitcoin Canada Foundation in Montreal.

Citigroup, Barclays, or even HSBC who was looking for interns; it is the technology in blockchain that interests groups. “If they manage to edit this technology, they will be able to increase the efficiency of their payment chains. For them, bitcoin is a tool on which they can create new services, especially for transfers. When we know that currently a money transfer between a bank in China and another in Canada can take three days, chain blocks would save them time, ”explains Francis Pouliot.