Social networks: TikTok overtakes Facebook among the youngest

by bold-lichterman

According to a recent Morning Consult study, Generation Z, 13-16 year olds, use TikTok more than Facebook. This study called “The Influencer Report” conducted among 2,000 Americans aged 13 to 38 seeks to measure the attractiveness of influencers and the uses of the youngest on social networks.

If Instagram and Snapchat remain the platforms most used by Generation Z, TikTok would have imposed itself before Facebook by becoming the third most popular social network. The success of TikTok with the youngest is not a surprise since the application published by the Chinese giant ByteDance is intended to be an easy-to-use tool and adaptable to other applications, in particular Instagram.

When it comes to older generations, Instagram and Facebook remain in the lead, while Snapchat often remains the third most used platform. Indeed, Facebook is still largely in the lead for users over 22.

Credit: “The Influencer Report” by Morning Consult.

Most of the people polled said they were ready to run sponsored content on their social networks, especially if they liked the brand regardless of their age and gender. The market for potential micro-influencers would therefore be enormous for brands that could easily benefit from visibility among young people.

Asked about their motivations regarding influencers, those polled say they follow them in particular to be “inspired” and to be aware of the latest trends, in their words.

Here are the results of the use of social networks by age group:

  • 13 to 16 years old: Instagram (74%), Snapchat (68%), TikTok (42%), Facebook (41%), Twitch (31%)
  • 17 to 21 years old: Instagram (84%), Snapchat (74%), Facebook (68%), TikTok (32%), Twitch (26%)
  • 22 to 26 years old: Facebook (85%), Instagram (75%), Snapchat (63%), Twitch (23%), TikTok (15%)
  • Aged 27 to 31: Facebook (88%), Instagram (73%), Snapchat (50%), Twitch (20%), TikTok (12%)
  • 32 to 38 years old: Facebook (84%), Instagram (61%), Snapchat (40%), Twitch (15%), TikTok (10%)