Snapchat launches into video games

by bold-lichterman

Each social network has its own growth strategy. While Instagram has announced the launch of IGTV which will allow verified accounts to post videos of up to an hour in length, Snapchat is reportedly working on the integration of a video game platform, directly. in its application.

This platform should see the light of day in the coming months according to indiscretions obtained by the site The Information. It should also allow outside developers to create games in the application.

Takeover of PlayCanvas, launch of Snappables, consistent choices

This information is in any case consistent with some of the choices made by Snapchat in recent times. At the end of March, Evan Spiegel’s network, for example, acquired PlayCanvas, a studio specializing in the development of 3D games for Internet browsers. Not to mention the recent launch of Snappables, mini games that combine selfie and augmented reality. With its video game platform, Snapchat would therefore go a little further. The social network has also already concluded agreements with publishers.

Evan Spiegel is said to have been inspired by the business model of Chinese giant Tencent and its messaging platform WeChat, of which around 40% of revenue comes from in-app game purchases. With its gaming platform, Snapchat could thus both increase its income and the time spent on its app.

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