SMS: the essential tool for a local acquisition strategy

by bold-lichterman

According to the European Union, the European data market weighed 54.5 billion euros in 2015 and could reach 84 billion euros in 2020. Since the arrival of digital, direct marketing has been constantly evolving. New technologies, such as smartphones and tablets, force other strategic approaches to be established. Each brand is wondering about the most relevant acquisition lever to generate traffic in store or on its site and transform its potential customers into buyers.

The number of French Internet users continues to increase, they are more than 47 million today. This increase is due to the proliferation of mobile screens. Every day, 9 million French people connect on 2 to 3 screens, mainly on their smartphones. Unlike tablets and computers that are more often consulted in the evening, mobile use is distributed fairly throughout the day. These are all opportunities for brands to communicate with their potential customers.

SMS, an essential lever for winning new customers in 2017

In mobility, at work, in stores, the smartphone occupies a place of choice in the daily life of the French: in 2016, 93% of the French have a mobile which they consult on average 150 times a day and 90% of the SMS are read within 4 minutes. With such performances, SMS marketing has an important strike force which must be taken into account by the actors of the sector.

“In 2015, we realized that the marketing of SMS in customer acquisition was underused. However, our SMS base had enormous potential in this market. The idea came to us to democratize access to data by making our database available to our customers, via an ergonomic and intuitive interface ”testifies Blaise Berdah, co-founder of Wellpack.


Through its observations of the market and the marketing actions of its customers, Wellpack notes the rise of SMS campaigns. With a good understanding of the context (time, geographical location, proximity to the store), it is possible to optimize the relevance and effectiveness of the commercial SMS by sending geotargeted SMS: the location is carried out from the postal address of the owner of the mobile.

The geolocated SMS campaign is sent to recipients around a specific address (that of a store for example), with a radius of up to 20 km. Enriched with an Internet link, geotargeted SMS can increase in-store traffic, relay offers through web content, direct to the nearest store, etc. It can be adapted in an innovative and entertaining way to each potential customer: alert on a flash sale, reduction with flash code, link to a landing page, a video, etc. The SMS allows instantaneity and readability that other communication tools do not offer.

“Today, SMS is the most efficient gateway for all the prospects that our customers are looking to bring to the store. Our drive to store solutions are suitable for SMEs as well as for large brands or franchises, ”explains Blaise Berdah.

An innovation to integrate into marketing strategies

By offering geotargeted SMS as a means of acquiring new customers, Wellpack is a pioneer. “Brands are in demand for innovation. However, blaise2as soon as something new is offered to them, a majority seems reluctant ”confides Blaise Berdah. However, through its educational approach, Wellpack makes geotargeted SMS a part of its customers’ digital strategy. “The Wellpack geotargeted SMS platform is a success measured every day by the renewal of our customers’ confidence” concludes Blaise Berdah.

Quick to perform, without constraints or technical knowledge, the geotargeted SMS can quickly be sent to a large number of prospects. For some campaigns, the click-through rate in acquisition approaches the click-through rate in customer loyalty. Composed of 160 characters maximum (STOP included), the SMS can also be personalized with the name and the first name to reinforce the individualization of the message. The average read rate is 95% and the recall rate 60%, unmatched in other media.

The next step ? Democratize the use of geotargeted SMS campaigns through a simple and intuitive tool, allowing other uses such as SMS retargeting. Thus, when a consumer visits a site but does not carry out any transaction, it will be possible to broadcast advertising SMS to him in connection with the previously visited site to encourage him to order or to go to the store to make his purchase. SMS retargeting is complementary to other customer acquisition levers, it then makes it possible to retain visitors and increase return on investment. With effective targeting and clear messages, SMS campaigns for customer acquisition have a bright future ahead.


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