[Smartphones] Samsung dethrones Apple in France

by bold-lichterman

Samsung announced last year that it wanted to become the leader in the smartphone market in France. It’s now done. The South Korean thus dethrones Apple.

Smartphones Samsung dethrones Apple in France

Indeed, according to the firm GfK, Samsung held, in January 2011, 22% of the French market share in terms of smartphones. Apple then still dominated the market. Since the start of the school year, the trend has clearly reversed, since this figure rose to 45% in September. Now, the apple brand only owns 16% market share and Samsung also exceeds Apple in terms of value.

This success is largely embodied by the Galaxy S2, which has sold more than 1M copies this year. According to David Eberlé, the boss of Samsung’s telecoms activity in France, quoted in Les Echos : ” ATn the second half of the year, as many Galaxy S2 as iPhone 4 and 4S will be sold in France ”. The leader also recalls that over the months of October and November, 70% of the phones sold were smartphones.

Beyond the quality of its smartphones, the Korean manufacturer’s spectacular breakthrough in France can also be explained by the deployment of a massive advertising campaign. In total, nearly € 25M has been invested, “ most important since Samsung has been present in mobile telephony in France ”.

As a reminder, Samsung also dethroned Apple at the World level. Indeed, according to figures for the third quarter of 2011, published last October by the cabinet Strategy Analytics, Samsung would have sold nearly 27.8M smartphones. Far ahead of 17.1M iPhone sold by Apple and the 16.8M units sold by Nokia.

A decrease in volume, largely offset in value

Along with this rise of the Korean group, the Gfk firm underlines a change in the mobile market in France. Thus, this year it should sell fewer mobile terminals than in 2010. We would then go from 24M units to 23.6M. However, dominated by the surge of smartphones, the market should continue to increase in terms of value.

Indeed, this year, smartphones represented nearly 45% of mobile sales. A share which should reach more than 60% by next year and even 82% in terms of value. In 2011, the smartphone market already weighed nearly € 4.2 billion in France.