Smartphones now represent 60% of mobile sales

by bold-lichterman

Samsung has sold over 88 million handsets and alone accounts for a third of the market

The trend was already heavy but the reversal of the curves is confirmed. Smartphones now represent 60% of global mobile phone sales according to a study by Strategy Analytics. No less than 251 million copies have passed in the third quarter of the year alone, an increase of 45% over one year.

“This is the first time smartphone shipments have exceeded a quarter of a billion units in a single quarter. They represent 6 out of 10 mobile phones sold worldwide, ”says Linda Sui, senior analyst at Strategy Analytics.

The South Korean Samsung, with growth of 55% for more than 88 million units sold, is a leader in this market by capturing 35% of sales volumes, ahead of Apple, which saw its market share fall to 13% , against 16% the previous year, even though the Cupertino company has sold 26.9 million units, up 26%. This result is partly explained by the many consumers who have waited for the release of the iPhones 5s and 5c to buy. The company has also revealed an 11% drop in its profit last night and struggles to maintain its margins in a context of stronger competition.

Note also the performance of Chinese Huawei, which saw its sales increase by 67% to 12.7 million terminals sold. “Robust growth of the smartphone industry is driven by strong demand for LTE models in developed regions […] and 3G in emerging markets like China, ”the report adds.

Behind manufacturers LG and Lenovo with respective market shares of 4.8% and 4.3%. Both, however, exceed the 10 million units sold from July to September.