[Smartphones] China becomes the world’s biggest market

by bold-lichterman

In the smartphone market, China has just supplanted the United States. In any case, this is indicated by a new study conducted by the analysis company Flurry.


Relayed by VentureBeat, this study specifies that in January 2013, China had 221M active tablets and smartphones compared to 222M in the United States. However, according to forecasts, this trend should be reversed in February.

Indeed, China should count 246M devices by the end of the month, against 230M for the United States.

According to the Fleury cabinet, the United States will no longer be able to regain control of this market and the only country which could now overtake the Chinese market is India. However, for the time being, India has only 19M active tablets and smartphones.

By analyzing more than 275,000 mobile applications, Flurry estimates that it can measure the activity of more than 90% of smartphones in the world.