Smartphones are bringing down the photo market

by bold-lichterman

In 3 years, GFK has observed a significant drop in the photo market despite the growing interest of the French in photography. This decrease could be explained by the end of a consumption bubble maintained by a rapid renewal of the film stock by digital cameras, and the competition that smartphones make with compact cameras.

This last segment abandoned nearly 700,000 pieces this year for 2.870 million products sold, a decline of 20%.

According to Michael MATHIEU, Director of the Image division at GfK Consumer Choices France: “The ranges positioned in the range above 300 euros should represent a quarter of the turnover of compacts in 2013. Segment of the future, ideal companion for a device with interchangeable lenses, the future of the compact will be played on the top of the range ”

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos