Smartphones and tablets: driving forces behind the capital goods and online TV market

by bold-lichterman

The Gfk firm just published the results of his study relating to household equipment in the 4th quarter of 2011. Main observation: the market seems to have returned to its level reached last year, with a turnover of 9.1 billion €, after a slump, notably marked by a turnover of € 6.9 billion recorded in the 3rd quarter of 2011.

Smartphones and tablets driving forces behind the capital goods and

This stabilization could be explained in particular by the enthusiasm of consumers for mobile and connected media. Indeed, according to the firm, the IT market ended 2011 on a strong dynamic, benefiting from the significant contribution in turnover of multimedia tablets. These sales, very concentrated in the month of December, were multiplied by three in the last quarter of 2011 compared to the last quarter of 2010. The study also highlights a positive cohabitation between sales of tablets and notebooks. Indeed, according to the firm, the stronger the sales of tablets in a given point of sale, the more sales of Notebooks would be massive in this same point of sale. Still in terms of mobility, smartphones appear to be the technical goods with the highest purchase intentions for the next six months.

The conclusions of this study therefore meet another investigation, led by the NPA firm, which shows to what extent mobile devices boost the consumption of online TV. In fact, over the year, the consumption of online videos on tablets and mobiles has increased by 340%. For example, in January 2012, more than 27M videos were viewed on these terminals, against 6M a year earlier. According to the NPA cabinet, this explosion is due in particular to the constantly increasing household equipment rates and to increasingly democratized uses.