Smartphones: 40% of global sales made by Chinese brands in 2014 according to TrendForce

by bold-lichterman

1.167 billion smartphones were sold in 2014, up 25.9% year on year, according to TrendForce. But above all, the study by the research firm underlines the rise of Chinese brands from year to year. Thus, last year, 453.4 million of the handsets sold are models from Chinese brands, or nearly 40% of sales, says the firm.

Three Chinese brands stand out

In this context, three Chinese companies dominate. In 2014, Lenovo bought Motorola from Google, allowing it to pass the 90 million units sold in 2014 once the merger is complete. At such a level, the company ranks third among global manufacturers, with 7.9% market share, according to TrendForce.

The report also highlights the rise of Huawei (70 million smartphones sold in 2014) which becomes de facto the fifth largest manufacturer in the world, and of Xiaomi, which comes to sixth position with 60 million handsets sold while the company was only founded only in 2010.

6 of the top 10 global brands

In the end, 6 of the top 10 global smartphone brands are Chinese in terms of sales. TrendForce explains this strong growth by two factors: the good price-performance ratio of the models offered, in particular for Xiaomi, and the strong growth in domestic demand in the country.

Despite everything, their sales, even combined, do not exceed those of the two market leaders worldwide. Samsung and Apple together sold more than 518 million units in 2014. But if Apple has managed to be “solid number 2” with 16.4% market share, Samsung has seen its market share decline to 28% in 2014, against 32.5% the previous year. “A difficult year” for the South Korean manufacturer believes TrendForce.

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