Smart Me Up reads on facial features

by bold-lichterman

Facial recognition hasn’t been just science fiction for a long time. Google got started with FaceNet, Facebook with DeepFace, Microsoft with API faces, FaceSDK… But it is not only the giants of the net that are entering this market. A young French start-up, Smart Me Up, has been working on it since 2012. Founded by Loïc Lecerf, it markets recognition software designed to be adapted to different terminals: on-board systems in cars, connected objects, cameras, urban displays, etc. etc.

Based in Meylan near Grenoble, the 8-person team is mainly made up of artificial intelligence engineers. They have previously developed their expertise within organizations such as Thales, Xerox and Inria. The offer is marketed in the form of a license for manufacturers, who are invoiced at a fixed price for each product sold. The software is also offered in SaaS with invoicing for each camera stream analyzed. “In that case, the price is 0.10 euro per hour and per video stream ”, specified in October Loïc Lecerf. For example, the company’s client is Photomaton, which has integrated it into its booths to certify that the photos taken comply with standards (passport, identity, etc.).

The commercialization phase started last year and Smart Me Up hopes to achieve profitability within two to three years. In the meantime, the start-up hopes to succeed in raising 1.5 million euros to finance recruitments. Other French start-ups like Reminiz, are positioned on this segment. This publishes easy recognition software that targets a different audience: it is dedicated to celebrities who are on television.

To know more, Frenchweb received Loïc Lecerf, CEO of Smart Me Up:

Founder: Loïc Lecerf

Creation: january 2012

Company based in: Grenoble (Meylan)

Market : facial recognition

Turnover: 250,000 euros in 2014

Effective: 8 people

Funding: seeks to raise 1.5 million euros

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