Slack, the collaborative work platform, invests $ 80 million on the creation of applications

by bold-lichterman

Slack is stepping up the development of its offer. The collaborative work platform for companies, which offers employees in particular to exchange via instant messaging and easily share files while avoiding back and forth e-mails, has just launched an “App Directory”. This offers to find additional applications to the initial offer. So far, around 160 apps are available in many categories, ranging from design, marketing, accounting, and human resources.

An 80 million dollar fund

Still in this process of innovating through the development of solutions by external players, Slack is launching an investment fund of $ 80 million (approximately 73.1 million euros) to help developers who build applications compatible with its platform.

This fund, which will support applications projects designed primarily for Slack, will also be managed by many well-known Silicon Valley venture capital firms, including Accel, Andreessen-Horowitz, Index Ventures and KPCB, Spark and Social + Capital.

Speed ​​up in front of HipChat

“We hope our portfolio will have a wide range of entrepreneurs working on problem solving for teams in all industries, functions and places around the world,” Slack explains. At the same time, the American start-up announces the launch of a new framework of development. Called “Botkit”, it aims to simplify the creation of applications.

With these new initiatives, Slack hopes to get ahead of one of its main competitors: the HipChat platform, published by the Australian company Atlassian which recently went public by raising $ 460 million for a capitalization greater than $ 5 billion. For its part, Slack, which claims 1 million users worldwide and which is valued at 2.8 billion dollars, had also announced that it is considering a possible IPO.

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