Slack launches its IPO procedure

by bold-lichterman

The high-profile collaborative business and unicorn communication platform Slack has filed for public listing, she announced Monday. The company said in a brief press release that it had filed a “confidential” file – which allows the details of the operation not to be revealed – with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the US regulator, without giving details. nor schedule. According to Wall Street Journal, Slack is targeting a valuation higher than the $ 7.1 billion established after the last funding round and could complete the transaction in the spring.

Slack wants to go public by direct listing

Always according to the Wall Street Journal, the group is aiming for a “direct listing”, a system of entry on the stock exchange rather rare but simpler than the usual procedure. Besides bypassing investment banks, the direct listing process helps avoid diluting the share of those who are already shareholders. The Swedish Spotify had used this direct listing last year. It is less costly for the company, but also unpredictable, since the price of the securities is not fixed in advance.

The Unicorn Slack claims to have over 10 million daily active users and 85,000 subscribers to its premium paid service. Founded in 2013, it has found a niche in small and medium businesses, but both Facebook and Microsoft are trying to offer the same kind of services. It is one of the unicorns whose IPO is expected for this year, with Uber, Lyft or Airbnb.