Skycatch raises $ 13.2 million for its autonomous drones

by bold-lichterman

The American firm Skycatch has just raised $ 13.2 million (9.6 million euros, editor’s note), of which 3 million comes from a former convertible debt, according to a document transmitted to the US market authority, the SEC. According to the file, it is likely that Avalon Venture dominated this round table. Appointed Director, Richard Levandov, from Avalon, is joining the company’s board. The latter also worked at Phoenix Technologies and was also one of the early vice presidents of American Online (AOL).

skycatchBased in San Francisco, Skycatch develops both autonomous drones and embedded software for obtaining real-time high definition videos from the device. Positioning itself therefore mainly on a B2B market (business to business, editor’s note) – unlike the French Parrot whose models are more intended for the general public – it already counts among its customers large companies specializing in mining, energy or even construction – such as Bechtel or DPR – to provide them with data on the state of their site or to carry out inspection operations.

The main innovation of Skycatch models lies in the autonomous nature of its drone thanks to its camera, its GPS and its sensors. In April, the company had already raised 3.2 million euros from Google Ventures.

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos