[Silicon Valley] The average annual salary passes the $ 100,000 mark!

by bold-lichterman

According to a recent study reported by an article from the All Things Digital blog, the average annual salary of high-tech professionals in Silicon Valley would have passed the $ 100,000 mark last year.

Silicon Valley The average annual salary passes the 100000Indeed, according to the specialized site Dice.com, At the origin of this survey, wages in Silicon Valley would have increased by almost 5.2% in the space of a year to reach the very precise average of $ 104,195. By way of comparison, in the United States, the national average salary of high-tech professionals amounted, over the same period, to $ 81,327.

According to Tom Silver, vice president of Dice, since the launch of this study in 2001, this is the first time that the average annual salary has crossed the symbolic mark of $ 100,000.

Without being able to give an average annual salary for all French professionals in the sector, FrenchWeb recently published a study on salaries for French web professions. Result: the average $ 100,000 observed in Silicon Valley is well above the averages observed in France.