[Silicon Valley] Maxime Domain, co-founder of Focal Labs (Clixtr, PicBounce)

by bold-lichterman

French expatriate in Silicon Valley for a few years, Maxime Domain co-created Focal Labs, a mobile photo sharing start-up to which we owe two successful applications:

  • Clixtr, launched on the TechCrunch 50 stage two years ago. A photo sharing application, prior to Instagr.am, which received the 1st Mobile Apps Showdown Prize at CES in Las Vegas.
  • Picbounce, a mobile application for posting photos on Twitter and Facebook downloaded over 1 million times.
Silicon Valley Maxime Domain co founder of Focal Labs Clixtr PicBounce

Focal Labs has just been acquired by RadiumOne, an online advertising company created by Gurbaksh Chahal, a serial entrepreneur who sold his first start-up at 18 for $ 40 million, then his second, Blue Lithium, at Yahoo! for 300 million dollars! RadiumOne is only 18 months old, has already raised $ 21 million and has grown from 7 to 150 employees in just a few months.

A graduate of Polytechnique (X03) and Cornell University (2007), Maxime Domain has had a career as fast as it is fascinating in Silicon Valley. Interview.