Sigfox: the French start-up could soon raise 100 million euros

by bold-lichterman


Sigfox is finally preparing to raise 100 million euros for a valuation close to 1 billion euros reports Le Figaro. It would then be one of the most important operations for a French start-up with Deezer and Blablacar.

[Article initialement publié le 10 octobre 2014]

“Sigfox is preparing to complete a round of 50 million euros”

The conquest continues for Sigfox, the company headed by Ludovic Le Moan, specialist in the connectivity of objects. The Toulouse start-up has already raised 27 million euros, but still needs to finance its growth. The startup is expected to achieve 6 million euros in turnover this year, a figure that has doubled at the end of each year.

Ludovic Le Moan installed 1300 antennas to cover French territory, and managed to export the model to Spain, Russia, and Belgium. Sigfox’s strategy is to rely on a local operator, such as Albertis in Spain or Micronet to connect parking spaces in Moscow.

Now is the time to accelerate, and it is the Lazard bank which is supposed to lead the round in this new round table being closed. We can already assume that future investors will be clearly international for several reasons. The first is thatAnne Lauvergeon is today the conductor of the internationalization of Sigfox. The former boss of Areva undoubtedly promotes relations with the major players, whether they are investors, such as Sigfox’s business partners.

Second reason: Sigfox wants to storm the American market. It is also targeting an IPO, we are talking about the Nasdaq but nothing is yet decided. In the United States, the strategy seems to be the same: to rely on operators, or distribution and security players to extend the low-speed network park of which Sigfox has the secret.

Sigfox, which has received several takeover offers but has so far declined them according to our information, is not neglecting Asian players either. The Sigfox boss also visited several Asian countries this summer (China, South Korea, etc.), and should receive some of them in Labège, Sigfox headquarters.

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