Sigfox launches into connected security in Spain

by bold-lichterman

Sigfox is on Spanish time. The Toulouse operator of an international connected object management network announces this Thursday that it will collaborate in Spain with Abertis Telecom and Securitas Direct. The first is a telecommunications company. It collaborates with the second, which works in the field of remote surveillance in Europe, with individuals and professionals. 5 million security alarms under the responsibility of Securitas Direct will thus be equipped with the Sigfox network.

Securitas Direct explains: “Given their performance in terms of energy saving and their competitive cost, Abertis Telecom’s infrastructures and the Sigfox network, designed for the Internet of Things, represent a relevant channel for connecting systems. of security”.

Maintenance contract negotiations

Sigfox is a low speed M2M operator(machine to machine) founded in 2009 which employs around sixty people. Directed by Ludovic Le Moan, it generated 3 million euros in turnover in 2013 and has – in addition to its headquarters in Labège (near Toulouse) -, a subsidiary in the United States (in Mountain View) and another in Spain, in Madrid.

The company is currently in discussions with industrial partners. To accelerate its development, its strategy consists of working with them, who find in this prism a new value chain (maintenance contract, etc.).

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