Shopcade relies on “personal shopping” on mobile

by bold-lichterman

“People have often compared us to an Instagram for shopping,” explains Frenchweb Nathalie Gaveau, the founder of Shopcade. This start-up, created in 2011 in the United Kingdom, recently launched its mobile application in France. This brings together editorial content related to the fashion world in a news feed, while adding a dose of product recommendations that the user can order through an integrated marketplace. Articles can also be saved in a wishlist to be shared with relatives.

If Shopcade has a website, the start-up is defined above all as mobile first. “Our vision is to be a leader in mobile social shopping. We started from this mobile experience for (…) that we can buy in two tap ‘ (clicks, editor’s note). This works well since we have 10% to 20% of our transactions which are repeaters, therefore people who come to buy back, ”specifies Nathalie Gaveau.

Shopcade’s business model, however, is not only transactional. “We have about 6,000 bloggers and video bloggers with whom we work to create native advertising content for brands,” explains Nathalie Gaveau. These would also represent 60% of the start-up’s income, according to the figures released. Other players are also positioning themselves in the customer journey personalization market, sometimes in the form of an assistant. Five years after its creation, Shopcade now intends to strengthen its marketplace activity, which will notably involve partnerships with the media in order to grow its audience.

Interview with Nathalie Gaveau, founder of Shopcade:

CEO: Nathalie Gaveau

Creation: 2011

Launch: 2012

The head office : London

Activity: e-commerce

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