ShippingBo wants to simplify omnichannel logistics for e-merchants

by bold-lichterman

Merchants are increasingly tackling omnichannel commerce, that is to say, which operates on several sales channels (on the Internet and in stores, for example). This is evidenced by the strategy of Lyonnais LDLC, which plans to open around 100 physical stores in France over the next five years. But combine the supports online and offline impacts logistics. It is precisely on this market that ShippingBo. This software published by the company Facilecomm allows you to manage omnichannel logistics: managing orders in stores or on the Web, automating certain processes such as sending e-mails to customers, etc.

For the user, it is “a single interface to manage both logistics and shipments, all of which is perfectly interconnected with the entire information system of the e-merchant, both its website (…), but also its ERP-type production tool and third-party systems such as marketplaces ”, explains to Frenchweb Romain Parent, co-founder of Facilecomm.

Other players are also positioning themselves on the market for solutions for omnichannel commerce, such as the Strasbourg start-up Proximis. To accelerate, ShippingBo can in particular rely on the customers of Facilecomm, which publishes e-commerce solutions. In the end, the company, which targets e-merchants with more than 50 orders per day, also sets itself an objective: to cross the threshold of 500 customers this year.

Interview with Romain Parent, co-founder of ShippingBo:

Publishing company: Facilecomm

The head office : Toulouse

Creation: 2015

Activity: software for omnichannel logistics

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