Shazam integrates a “play in Spotify” function

by bold-lichterman

The famous mobile music recognition application, Shazam, announces the integration into its entire range of applications (iPhone, iPod touch and Android) of Spotify, the music streaming service.

The new feature allows Shazam and Spotify users to stream continuously through full integration with the apps (free and paid Shazam Encore) available on Apple iOS and Android – including Shazam Red. The ‘Play in Spotify’ feature will be associated with the Spotify Premium app in UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Shazam integrates a play in Spotify functionDaniel Ek, CEO of Spotify. ” Now if you hear a new song, you can identify it, instantly listen to it in its entirety, and easily add it to your music collection. It’s really powerful.

As of today, Premium users of the Shazam Encore and Shazam Red apps are able to combine unlimited tagging with the new “Play in Spotify” feature for access to over 10 million songs and playlists. of the mobile application Spotify Premium on iPhone

The free Shazam app, available for five tags per month, will include the same functionality during the first quarter.