SFR launches 4G in Marseille pending the deployment of very high speed internet

by bold-lichterman

SFR launched with great fanfare yesterday in Marseille its 4G commercial offer for professionals and individuals. The mobile operator took the opportunity to announce the signing of an agreement for the deployment of optical fiber with the Marseille Provence Métropole urban community.

After Lyon or Montpellier, the Phocaean city is thus the 7th city equipped by SFR, pending the imminent arrival of 4G in Lille, Strasbourg, Toulouse or even Paris. By equipping the second largest city in France, SFR is strengthening its positioning on the very strategic 4G offering and ahead of their competitors in a game of chess where everyone has recently advanced their pawns.

Bouygues thus obtained last month authorization from Arcep to rehabilitate its 2G mobile telephony transmitters to 4G antennas, against 1% of the turnover achieved on the frequencies in question. Orange should for its part develop its 4G offer for individuals in a dozen cities on April 4, in particular in Bordeaux, Chartres, Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble, and even Nancy.

Faced with the difficulties encountered by incumbent operators since the arrival of Free Mobile last year on the market, 4G is a lifeline for them.

According to a recent study carried out by Exane BNP Paribas, operators’ revenues should decline by nearly 2% per year until 2016. Through offers focusing on data for SFR or speed for Orange, operators hope to attract new subscribers while taking the opportunity to increase the prices of packages.

While total investments in terms of frequencies and networks have represented nearly 8 billion euros for SFR, Orange and Bouygues, the latter hope to keep low-cost 4G competitors away. Orange also announced this week that very high mobile speed would be absent from its low-cost Sosh offer.

On the fiber side, the agreements signed with MPM provide for the installation of SFR FTTH in 91,000 homes by 2020 in 17 towns in the urban community for a speed that can exceed 100 Mbit / s. Marignane should thus be the first municipality covered by 2013. The other operators will also be able to rely on the infrastructures deployed by SFR to offer their offers. SFR is also continuing to develop fiber in Marseille, where nearly 350,000 households (80%) are already eligible.

SFR-fiber marseille provence metropole

Here again, the war on the very high speed internet sector is raging between operators: Orange announced last week nearly 200,000 subscribers to its FTTH offer, making the mobile operator the leader in fiber to the subscriber.

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