SFR is preparing an IPO

by bold-lichterman

“The change in governance at SFR was motivated by the prospect of an IPO if market conditions allow it”. This is what Stéphane Roussel, the president of the operator, declared during the telecoms and Internet forum organized by “Les Echos”.

In search of autonomy, SFR therefore made some governance changes last May. CEO for a year, Stéphane Roussel became president while Jean-Yves Charlier rose to the position of managing director of the operator.

For the time being, no specific date of entry on the stock market has been mentioned, but the horizons of late 2014 and early 2015 have been mentioned. However for some analysts, quoted by Les Echos, other strategies can still be studied and this option could only be a ploy “to better promote yourself to potential buyers”.

Be that as it may, this hypothetical IPO could prove to be very delicate for the operator, whose financial results are directly affected by the price war in the mobile market.

In the first quarter of 2013, the telecom operator recorded a decrease in its turnover of 11.4% to 2.6 billion euros. Its Ebitda fell, for its part, by 24.5% to 702 million euros.